Perth Pressure Cleaning
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Factory Floor Cleaning

Our commercial and industrial factory floor cleaning services in Perth caters to large factory and warehouse concrete floor areas, our cleaning services involves us using high pressure water and waste water vacuum capture services to ensure no runoff of polluted water in other areas of the factory or warehouse, we can still clean your factory whilst work is being carried out

Our factory cleaning services include high pressure cleaning of walls and post, internal roof cleaning including cleaning metal beams and struts

We service both sides of the river in Perth, South, North, West and East.

  • Warehouse Floor Maintenance
  • Construction Site Cleaning
  • Concrete Floor Degreasing
  • Concrete Wall Panel Cleaning 
  • Concrete Acid Etching
  • Workshop Concrete Floor Cleaning
  • Floor Paint Removal
  • Floor Painting 
  • Hazardous Spill Cleaning

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